What’s The Difference Between Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery?

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What’s The Difference Between Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery?

Added on: 09.14.15, by Jeff Wilhelm

When companies think about their preparations for the coming Winter weather, they often look to Disaster Recovery solutions. DR is certainly part of the conversation, but when we speak to companies, we actually talk about Business Continuity.

Business Continuity is broader than disaster recovery. DR is the ability to restore the data or applications that run your business should your data center, servers, or other infrastructure become damaged or destroyed. This is obviously very important, and a good DR plan is part of Business Continuity, but BC goes much further than just disaster recovery. Business Continuity planning is a strategy that lets your business operate with minimal or no downtime or service outage.

BC involves people, process, and protocol and it usually starts with a business impact analysis. The goals of this analysis are to not only learn how quickly data and applications can be recovered and restored during a business outage, but also what your business and people will do if that happens. By establishing protocols, you can minimize the impact of any disruptions on your business. This type of analysis and planning is not something you will get if you only think about DR and do not consider the larger picture.

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