Where is this Link Going? Click Here.

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Where is this Link Going? Click Here.

Added on: 02.27.09, by Jeremy Spurr

If I see click here one more time on a web site, I am going to scream. (Welcome back to those of you who just saw a cute Pug licking the screen.) Are there big arrows on a steering wheel? Of course not. Users do not need to be told to “click here”.

Since this usability mistake has been going on for 15+ years, Google will have indexed billions of web pages for this search keyword. Want to know what site ranks #1 for “click here”? I am going to contradict myself and ask you to click here.

Congratulations Adobe Reader! Many sites ask users to click here to download Adobe Reader to view PDFs. See the impact hyperlinked text has on search engine rankings?

Hyperlinked text does 2 things

  1. It lets the user know that the link goes to a page with content related to the hyperlinked text.
  2. It lets search engines know that the linked site is related to the hyperlinked text. This is one of the 3 major factors in search engine rankings. For example, the following link to the Envision home page lets Google know to rank our home page for the search keyword “Envision”.

So, if you have “click here” links on your web site, you are annoying users and hurting your search engine rankings. If you do 1 thing in 2009 for your web site, please remove every instance of “click here” unless you are linking to ClickHere.com or a clicking game. You’ll be glad you did.

by Jeremy Spurr

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