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1000 Words
My wife recently began adding letters to the caps of the water bottles in our fridge (which we refill and reuse). I noticed this one evening as I reached to get a drink and saw that a number of bottles had a little ‘C’ scrawled onto the cap in black marker. Around this time, my wife and kids had been getting over a summer cold and I assumed that the ‘C’ stood for ‘cold’, meaning that these were bottles they had used when they were sick and which needed to be thrown away once they were feeling ...
Added on: 09.21.10, by Jeremy Girard
Envision’s Trade Show Booth Design: Effective, Memorable or Wacky?
Envision recently presented at the 2009 VMWare User Group Conference (VMUG) in Newport, RI. What could make our 3 sessions on assessing, monitoring and managing the virtual environment memorable? Giant rabbits of course! Why rabbits? Creating a VM (virtual machine) is cool - in fact, it’s like a magic trick. The first time someone asks for a VM, you pull the rabbit out of the hat. Magic. The next time someone needs a VM you pull another rabbit out the hat. More magic. This is all good and very ...
Added on: 05.12.09, by Jeremy Girard