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iThink iLike iPad
The title on my business card reads CEO/CTO. The CTO part is my favorite (Chief Technology Officer). I define the CTO role to mean that I am responsible for investigating new technologies and identifying their potential value to my customer base. In order to do that, you have to question what you think you know; challenge your own preconceptions. You can’t take anything for granted, and you can only rely on vendor information and/or industry opinion to a point.The Mac vs. PC debate began, ...
Added on: 06.10.10, by Todd Knapp
Measure Twice…. Cut Off 2m+ Years of Evolution
As anyone who has found this blog knows, I work as an IT guy. However, that isn’t who I am. When the lights are turned off in the office I become a sailor, scuba diver, outdoorsman, and also an amateur (very amateur) furniture maker. I love working with wood and creating something from nothing. But as I learned last night, that comes with perils. Last night, I cut off my left thumb on a radial arm miter saw. I repeat, last night I CUT OFF (as in amputated) my left thumb, just below the ...
Added on: 06.04.10, by Todd Knapp
“Best Practice” doesn’t make perfect
I spend a lot more time than you would think, questioning technology. Yes, I am an IT professional…but I don’t necessarily believe in technology for the sake of technology. In fact, even when I do think a technology is important, I question the way that it should be deployed.Some of the best, and ultimately the most productive, conversations and/or arguments that Envision’s engineers have are about how and when to deploy technology. I take my role as CTO at Envision very seriously, and find ...
Added on: 07.11.09, by Todd Knapp