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5 Creative Ideas for PPC Ads
Since “if you build it they will come” rarely holds true on the web, we are constantly exploring new methods of traffic generation for our clients. Part of the traffic generation puzzle is an effective Paid Search, or Pay-Per-Click campaign.We’ve all seen these sponsored links on search engines, but as the paid search landscape becomes more competitive, it becomes more important to have ads that stand out. Here are some creative ads that should spark some new ideas for your PPC accounts.1: Quotes...
Added on: 10.22.10, by
Your Company’s Facebook Page - Now Showing Up on Google Search Results
Facebook has so much search engine value, that if your company has a Facebook Page, it will most likely show up on the first page of search results for a search of your company. How many people are Googling your company? That many, huh? Well they will now see your Facebook page. Better make sure it’s a good one.A Facebook Page is a public profile that allows you to share your business and products with Facebook users, and now search engine traffic. You will want to make sure that your Facebook ...
Added on: 07.09.09, by Jeremy Spurr
Where is this Link Going? Click Here.
If I see click here one more time on a web site, I am going to scream. (Welcome back to those of you who just saw a cute Pug licking the screen.) Are there big arrows on a steering wheel? Of course not. Users do not need to be told to “click here”. Since this usability mistake has been going on for 15+ years, Google will have indexed billions of web pages for this search keyword. Want to know what site ranks #1 for “click here”? I am going to contradict myself and ask you to click here.
Added on: 02.27.09, by Jeremy Spurr