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Virtualization Articles

Migrating vCenter Custom Annotations
About a year ago, we were working on a client environment where an old vCenter server was being replaced (one which we did not want to bring the full configuration forward on), but on which custom annotations had been created, and thus embedded, into the old vCenter database. Migrating them manually would have been a labor-intensive task since there were six custom fields and over 500 VM’s, so we had to come up with an innovative solution for this project.
Added on: 04.11.13, by Sean Trifero
Standalone vSphere ESXi Storage vMotions
A number of times, I have experienced an issue that resulted in either downtime for the client or additional work for our engineers. The scenario has been similar in each case, a standalone ESXi host w/ DAS that needs to migrate its VMs from DAS to a SAN/NAS or other DAS. To solve this problem, I came up with a pretty simple solution. It only takes 12 minutes to stage and it also gives the client an opportunity to evaluate vCenter and its many capabilities/features.
Added on: 03.13.13, by Sean Trifero
Storage vMotion Fails Because Veeam Disables It
When the current version of Veeam kicks off a job it locks the VM’s ability to be Storage vMotioned. This is a good thing, since a backup job will likely push the datastore IOPs up and cause some unusual latency When the Veeam job completes it’s supposed to remove the lock, but if the backup fails, the lock will sometimes remain in place. Senior Engineer, Andy Ward, submits this tip for addressing this issue.
Added on: 02.26.13, by Andy Ward
iThink iLike iPad
The title on my business card reads CEO/CTO. The CTO part is my favorite (Chief Technology Officer). I define the CTO role to mean that I am responsible for investigating new technologies and identifying their potential value to my customer base. In order to do that, you have to question what you think you know; challenge your own preconceptions. You can’t take anything for granted, and you can only rely on vendor information and/or industry opinion to a point.The Mac vs. PC debate began, ...
Added on: 06.10.10, by Todd Knapp
Measure Twice…. Cut Off 2m+ Years of Evolution
As anyone who has found this blog knows, I work as an IT guy. However, that isn’t who I am. When the lights are turned off in the office I become a sailor, scuba diver, outdoorsman, and also an amateur (very amateur) furniture maker. I love working with wood and creating something from nothing. But as I learned last night, that comes with perils. Last night, I cut off my left thumb on a radial arm miter saw. I repeat, last night I CUT OFF (as in amputated) my left thumb, just below the ...
Added on: 06.04.10, by Todd Knapp
Pride in a Job Well Done
It’s human nature to want to share things we are proud of with those around us. As soon as I walk through the door at night, my kids greet me, ready to show me the new picture they have drawn or the latest steps learned in dance class. I smile and see a bit of myself in their enthusiastic displays. I too love to share my excitement with others. One of the most fulfilling aspects of my job as Creative Director at Envision is the chance to launch new Web sites for clients. ...
Added on: 05.26.10, by Jeremy Girard

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