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Web Design Articles

Pride in a Job Well Done
It’s human nature to want to share things we are proud of with those around us. As soon as I walk through the door at night, my kids greet me, ready to show me the new picture they have drawn or the latest steps learned in dance class. I smile and see a bit of myself in their enthusiastic displays. I too love to share my excitement with others. One of the most fulfilling aspects of my job as Creative Director at Envision is the chance to launch new Web sites for clients. ...
Added on: 05.26.10, by Jeremy Girard
In Praise of Sushi
As anyone who subscribes to my Twitter feed already knows, I love sushi. My tweets routinely center on trips to my favorite sushi restaurant and my infatuation with raw fish. What you may not know is that this unabashed love of sushi is a recent development as I tried it for the first time just a few months ago. Here’s to trying new things.Trying Something NewI used to think eating raw fish was pretty disgusting. Of course, I had never actually tried sushi, but was forming my opinion with absolute...
Added on: 02.17.10, by Jeremy Girard
Established Conventions Are Your Friends
7 to Save - 9 to DeleteWithout fail, every time I try to delete a voicemail, I end up saving it instead. The reason for this is simple – I have two systems that I receive voicemail at (my work phone and my cell phone) and while both systems allow you to either delete or save a message, they do so in exactly opposite ways. My kingdom for some standardization! The phone system at my office requires me to hit the number ‘7’ to save a message and the number ‘9’ to delete it.
Added on: 01.23.09, by Jeremy Girard