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Innovation Matters - The Envision CTO Blog

Envision the Awesome - 10 Reasons Why We Are The Best Place to Work in RI
Last evening, Envision attended the 2009 Providence Business News’ ‘Best Places to Work in Rhode Island’ awards ceremony, where we were honored to be recognized in the Small Business category. Of the 10 companies recognized in this category, we ranked number 4, which is incredibly cool for our first time on this list. Still, regardless of our exact ranking on this list, the employees of Envision Technology Advisors’ know that this is THE best place work in Rhode Island and we wouldn’t want to ...
Added on: 06.19.09, by Jeremy Girard
Envision’s Trade Show Booth Design: Effective, Memorable or Wacky?
Envision recently presented at the 2009 VMWare User Group Conference (VMUG) in Newport, RI. What could make our 3 sessions on assessing, monitoring and managing the virtual environment memorable? Giant rabbits of course! Why rabbits? Creating a VM (virtual machine) is cool - in fact, it’s like a magic trick. The first time someone asks for a VM, you pull the rabbit out of the hat. Magic. The next time someone needs a VM you pull another rabbit out the hat. More magic. This is all good and very ...
Added on: 05.12.09, by Jeremy Girard
Where is this Link Going? Click Here.
If I see click here one more time on a web site, I am going to scream. (Welcome back to those of you who just saw a cute Pug licking the screen.) Are there big arrows on a steering wheel? Of course not. Users do not need to be told to “click here”. Since this usability mistake has been going on for 15+ years, Google will have indexed billions of web pages for this search keyword. Want to know what site ranks #1 for “click here”? I am going to contradict myself and ask you to click here.
Added on: 02.27.09, by Jeremy Spurr
Established Conventions Are Your Friends
7 to Save - 9 to DeleteWithout fail, every time I try to delete a voicemail, I end up saving it instead. The reason for this is simple – I have two systems that I receive voicemail at (my work phone and my cell phone) and while both systems allow you to either delete or save a message, they do so in exactly opposite ways. My kingdom for some standardization! The phone system at my office requires me to hit the number ‘7’ to save a message and the number ‘9’ to delete it.
Added on: 01.23.09, by Jeremy Girard

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