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Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

If assessing your SQL infrastructure to ensure it is running well and free of issues is Step 1, then reporting on your data and developing business intelligence from that data is Step 2 in getting the most out of your organization’s data.

Envision’s Business Intelligence and Data Analytics solutions include:

  • SQL Reporting – helping your company establish a reporting infrastructure, report building, and optimization. Oftentimes, this can include reviewing and re-writing poorly performing queries that are currently in place.
  • Data Warehousing – we can assist your company in designing and building a data warehouse infrastructure, including storage and compute resources. We will work to understand the structure, storage volume, churn (inserts, updates, deletes), analysis tools, and access methods you are using or desire.
  • Middleware Development – our team can develop interfaces between different operational databases and data warehouses to ensure that your business critical applications can share data between them. Learn more about Middleware Development.
  • Big Data – an often misunderstood, and subsequently overused, term, Big Data is the handling on non-relational data. This is most easily described as data that cannot be sensibly representing in a series of tables – such as images or Emails. We can help develop solutions to handle and report on this non-relational data.
  • Business Intelligence Tools – we can help your organization understand, select, architect, and deploy tool that will allow your company access and interact with your data. Oftentimes this is usually a combination of raw operational data (what are sales so far this week?) and analyses (what are the sales trends here?) that allow you to capture discoveries that can then be shared with the rest of your organization.