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Integrated Services

Cloud Readiness Workshops

While the benefits of cloud computing are significant, so is the complexity of planning, building, and managing that cloud environment. Many companies have been slow to adopt cloud computing due to concerns about security, compliance, integration, performance, capital expenses, and deployment and operational risks. In addition to these concerns, there is also that overarching question – “where do I begin?

If you have you been considering moving part of your infrastructure to the cloud, but aren't sure where to begin, then we can help. Leveraging cloud computing begins with Envision's Cloud Readiness Workshop.

Envision's Cloud Readiness Workshops - kite in the air with clouds

Defining a High Level Cloud Strategy

Envision’s Cloud Readiness Workshop is an intensive day-long session where we work to help you define a high level cloud strategy for your organization. A senior consultant will lead a discussion with key members of your IT team to gain a fundamental understanding of your current infrastructure, workload, culture, and business strategy.

During this time, we will address many of the challenges or questions you have, including:

  • Difficulty in identifying which services to move to the cloud
  • Fear about making a decision that "paints you into a corner"
  • Worries about internal customers moving to the cloud on their own
  • How must your architecture change to support cloud services
  • Lack of time or internal skills to properly evaluate cloud options

Once our interviews are completed, our team will break away to digest and discuss the findings, discuss potential options, and document a go-forward plan. Then, at the end of the workshop day, Envision’s Cloud Workshop Team will present our recommendations and best practices that are customized to the "readiness" and priorities of your organization. Our recommendations will give you a roadmap of how you can begin to realize the benefits of cloud computing.

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