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Integrated Services

InFlight Cloud Replication Services

Most companies recognize the value of replicating their data and VMs off-site, unfortunately the process is often too expensive and complex to be viable. With InFlight, that ends now. InFlight simplifies the process by offering two forms of replication: Scheduled Replication and Live Replication.

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Scheduled Replication

For most companies, the priority is to ensure that there’s a copy of their data and VMs off-site in the event of an emergency. To meet this requirement, Envision leverages Veeam Backup and Replication technology to send a copy of your VMs and data to the InFlight cloud on a daily basis.

InFlight Scheduled Replication contracts are easy to understand - size your InFlight cloud environment so that it can run all the VMs in the event of an emergency. The monthly replication cost will be 65% of the cost of that cloud contract. If you have an emergency and need to stand-up your VMs for production purposes, your monthly charge will increase to the full amount of the cloud contract. It’s that simple.

Need to run a quarterly test ? That’s OK, InFlight has you covered. Each Scheduled Replication agreement comes with an allowance that allows you to perform a restore and spin up your replicated VMs for up to one hour each quarter with no additional charges.

Live Replication

Powered by Zerto technology, Live Replication transmits data and VM changes continuously from your system to the InFlight cloud. In the event of a failure at your site, your replicated system will be ready and waiting for you.

With Live Replication, your replicated VMs are always being replicated to the InFlight cloud and can be set to power on as soon as an outage is detected. A Live Replication contract is exactly the same as an InFlight Cloud Server agreement. Simply size your cloud environment and bandwidth (see our sizing guide) and once your cloud is provisioned, you are ready to go!

Don’t want to manage Zerto? No Problem! With Envision’s Ground Control managed services, we can build an agreement to manage all aspects of the replication to your specific needs.

More Information

See our "How to Plan for Replication" information and our "Cloud Replication Sizing Guide" for additional information, or contact us with any questions you have about the InFlight Cloud Platform.