Managed Cloud services, monitoring and management from Envision Technology Advisors' Ground Conrtol

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Integrated Services

Monitoring and Management

Envision's Ground Control suite of proactive cloud solutions features a number of Monitoring and Management services, including Managed Endpoint ServicesMonitored Network SensorsMobile Device Management, and Managed Border Security.


A Deeper Look

Managed Enpoint Services (MES) provides comprehensive monitoring of Windows servers and workstations, including OS patching, common app patching, trend-analysis, assest inventory, license auditing, and more. It can also include managed antivirus and antimalware. Learn more.

Monitored Network Sensors (MNS) is a cost effective solution for the customer who only needs monitoring and alerting. MNS is capable of monitoring any network connected device with an IP address via ICMP, WMI, SNMP, NetFlow, IPFIX, jFlow, or sFlow. Learn more.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a fully integrated cloud solution helps you meet compliance obligations by being able to control which mobile devices in your organization can access which resources while also giving you access to a number of helpful reports. Learn more.

Managed Border Security allows you to focus on your business while Envision focuses on your security. Learn more

Complimentary Cloud Solutions

All ourMonitoring and Managment services were created to work well together and with the other services available in the Ground Control suite of cloud solutions, including Tiered Technical Support, Online Cloud Backups, and Envision's InFlight Cloud Platform.