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Integrated Services

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Optimizing your site for findability starts by making sure that it is built properly, in a way that allows search engines to easily find and rank your page.

Next, we work with you to make sure your site features content that is unique, relevant, and compelling. This quality content is what will help your site ranking effectively in search engines - not cheap tricks labeled as "search engine optimization." Yes, there are best practices that should be followed, but in the end, it all comes down to the quality of your content.

The Benefits of a Full Service Web Company

SEO-only companies tend to be focused primarily on top rankings, but we know that while rankings are crucial, so are a site’s design and functionality.  An ‘SEO-only’ shop cannot optimize your site’s code, visual design, or user experience.  They cannot uncover design and programming issues that are problematic for your customers, nor do they understand Web usability. As a business and technology consulting company, our skills go far beyond SEO. Design, development, and overall strategy and business consulting are all areas in which we excel - allowing us to do more for your website's results than just improve rankings. We look to also improve business results.

Optimizing for People

Optimizing for search engines is only a small part of the process - and since search engines can't buy your products or services, if you stop there, your results will fall short. Our entire approach to qualified traffic generation is about optimizing your website, and its experience, for people. This starts by making the website easy to find and ensuring that when people do find it, it is easy and enjoyable to use on any device they choose to do so with. This approach of "Optimizing for People" will help put your site above the rest and convert website visitors into new business for your company.

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