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SQL Infrastructure Assessments

SQL Infrastructure Assessments

There are typically three reasons why you would want to assess your existing SQL infrastructure:

  • Assessments for Discovery – in this scenario, there are likely no discernible issues today. Instead, you are looking to find out whether the environment is, in fact, running well or set up correctly. In some cases, your company may have had a staffing change, which makes it a perfect time to review what a predecessor had in place so that those now tasked with managing the SQL infrastructure know what to expect from that environment.
  • Assessments to Remedy – in these cases, there are specific issues or concerns that you have identified and have been unable to address.
  • Architecture Changes – these assessments are typically because a company is upgrading, migrating, implementing, or building something new which the existing infrastructure must support. In these instances, we can provide guidance from the very beginning of the project and can also assist with middleware development for data mapping or integration needs.

Assessment Focus Areas

For each of these assessment scenarios, Enterprise Data Solutions team, led by a Microsoft Certified SQL Master, will provide a multi-point analysis of your organization’s SQL infrastructure in 7 focus areas.

  1. Performance and Optimization
  2. Availability
  3. Security
  4. Operational
  5. Maintenance
  6. Design
  7. Business Intelligence

Infrastructure Assessments are typically conducted as 6 half-day sessions split across two different weeks. Companies with very large SQL infrastructures may require additional hours and all assessment engagements are structured according to your specific environment.

Deliverables and Getting Started

For all assessment engagements, the final deliverable is a detailed One Note or equivalent file developed over the course of that engagement. This report will cover our findings and recommendations for your company’s SQL infrastructure. These recommendations may include remediation solutions and additional development that our Enterprise Data team can also provide.

Contact us with any questions you may have about our SQL Infrastructure Assessments or any of our Enterprise Data Solutions or if you would like to discuss an assessment of your environment.