SQL infrastructure remediation and repair Microsoft SQL Server 2012 2008 R2 2005 2014 - Enterprise Data

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Integrated Services

SQL Infrastructure Remediation

SQL Infrastructure Remediation

Once your SQL infrastructure has been properly assessed, specific remediation recommendations may be appropriate for your environment.

4 Step SQL Remediation Process

Envision’s Infrastructure Remediation services are tailored to the specific issues being addressed in your organization, but all engagements follow four steps:

  1. Identify – this is a carry-over from the assessment portion of a previous engagement
  2. Plan – based on our findings, we determine what changes or actions are necessary to remedy the various conditions found in your infrastructure
  3. Pilot – we do thorough testing for the correct procedure, timing of operation, etc., all leading to our final step
  4. Execute – with our carefully crafted plan in place, we execute on the project and review all changes to ensure that any issues have been resolved as planned

Contact us with any questions you may have about our SQL Infrastructure Remedidation services or any of our Enterprise Data Solutions or if you would like to discuss an assessment of your environment.