Announcing the Date of VMworld 2012 by Proxy

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Announcing the Date of VMworld 2012 by Proxy

Added on: 04.19.12

Providence, RI April 19, 2012 – Presenting to an enthusiastic group of IT professionals at the New England VMware Users Group in Newport, Rhode Island today, Envision Technology Advisors announced the date, and the opening of early registrations, for their popular annual event, VMworld by Proxy.

This year’s event, VMworld 2012 by Proxy, is scheduled for Thursday, October 11, 2012. The event will take place at Twin River Casino in Lincoln, Rhode Island and will be a full day of educational presentations and demonstrations, recapping the VMworld 2012 conference from San Francisco and looking to the future of virtualization.

Being held for the 5th year in a row, the VMworld by Proxy event, which Envision proudly states has always been, and always will be, offered free of charge to all attendees, has grown in popularity and attendance each year it has been held. Last year’s event, which was also held at Twin River Casino, drew over 250 attendees from some of New England’s largest companies; many of them repeat attendees from previous years of VMworld by Proxy.

“Seeing those repeat attendees who come year after year and who tell their colleagues and contacts about the event validates what we are doing,” says Mike Ando, Envision’s VP of Operational Initiatives. “Our goal with the event has always been about quality. We want to present a day that is very educational and is free of marketing spin.”

Todd Knapp, Envision’s CEO/CTO reinforces this “no-marketing spin” approach.

“We are very careful with who we ask to present at this event,” he states. “We want to make sure that there are no sales presentations. Everyone who is on stage, whether they are from Envision or from one of the partners that is presenting, does so from an educational perspective. The quality of what we present and the usefulness of that information year in and year out is why VMworld by Proxy has seen such growth from year to year and why so many people are talking about it.” Exact details on the demonstrations, presenters, and full schedule will be announced closer to the date of the event, but early registration for the free show is now open and available at Additionally, as announcements are made about the event and details released, they will be added to this website. will be a central location where we will update all aspects of the event,” said Envision’s Director of Web Development, Jeremy Girard. “You can visit the site now to get in on the early registration and even visit it prior to the VMworld show in San Francisco to interact with our team to let us know what you want us to seek out at the show to bring back to VMworld by Proxy. And as the event gets closer and we begin to release more details, the website will have all those as well.” “The event is 6 months away and already we’ve had people asking about it,” remarks Todd Knapp. “We had people contacting us asking us what the date was so they could block it off on their calendar to make sure they could be there. We look forward to seeing them all on 10.11.12!”

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