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That Old Gingerbread Office Gag

It's the holidays at Envision, which means time for our holiday office party complete with ugly sweaters, tasty goodies, and a viewing of that timeless holiday classic - Jurassic Park. It's also the perfect setting for that age-old yuletide gag - the Gingerbread Office*.

What's that? You've never heard of the Gingerbread Office Gag*? It's when you surprise a co-worker by turning their office space into a festive gingerbread house, which is exactly what Envision's CEO, Todd, walked into when he stepped into the office today.

Todd and his Gingerbread House office

Todd and Edwina in front of the Gingerbread Housed office

Envision's Gingerbread Office

Goodies by the hearth

Danielle and Jeremy in their ugly sweater

* - in reality, the "Gingerbread Office Gag" is not a real thing - but it should be! This was something that Edwina decided to do and it was awesome! She constructed the gingerbread house with cardboard boxes, construction paper, and lots and lots of tape. It was an instant hit in the office and something we encourage more companies to do. Trust us, walking into work and seeing that space bedazzled into a festive gingerbread office will bring out the holiday spirit in even the biggest Grinch!