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The Official Food of San Francisco

Envision's CEO, Todd Knapp, and CTO, Jeff Wilhelm, recently attended the annual VMworld conference - an event that Envison has attended for many years. This year's event was held, similar to previous years, in San Francisco and while Todd and Jeff certainly brought lots of knowledge back with them about the changes in virtualization and cloud computing, they also brought something else back for the rest of the Envision team - It's Its.

A delicous tradition that has been named "the official food of San Francisco", an It's It is "a scoop of ice cream placed between two large, old-fashioned oatmeal cookies and then dipped into dark chocolate." Having been introduced to this treat at the conference (and then having sought them out each day after that), Todd and Jeff knew that this was a find them simply couldn't keep to themselves!

Upon returning to the Envision office to give us all a recap of the events at VMworld, Todd ended his presention by introducing the entire Envision office to the wonder that is the It's It sandwich. Three cases were shipped to us overnight so that we could all enjoy a little piece of San Francisco here in Rhode Island.

You can learn more about the story of this treat, or even order a case of your own, at their website -