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Our Culture

Training and Education

One look at the “culture” section on our website and you know that this is a fun place to work – but Envision’s company culture is about more than April Fools’ pranks and slushie machines.

Envision culture is about having fun and enjoying our jobs, but it is also about being the best at what we do and ensuring that we are bringing the latest solutions to the table for our clients. With the rapid pace of change that we see in technology, this can be a very tall order. Not only do we need to be experts on the technologies important to our clients’ businesses today, but we must also look to the future to determine which new solutions they will need tomorrow. In order to accomplish this goal, Envision has always been big proponents of training and education.

Envision engineers spend upwards of 20% of their year in trainings, and throughout our office space we proudly display the numerous certifications and competencies that our team earns.  We do this to show how proud we are of our employee’s individual accomplishments and to let everyone who enters our office know that excellence in our profession is as much a part of our company culture as those aforementioned pranks and slushies.

Below, you can see some of the certifications and recognitions that adorn our office walls. We are proud to say that the space we had initially reserved for this purpose was filled so quickly that we have had to claim other walls in our office to handle our latest certifications. That's a pretty great problem to have!

Wall of certifications at Envision Technology Advisors

Wall of certifications at Envision Technology Advisors

Wall of certifications at Envision Technology Advisors