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Our Culture

We’ve Got Skills

At Envision, we take great pride in the diversity of skills that we can bring to the table. From virtualization and cloud solutions, to big data, to network and security consulting, to website design and development, and more – the skill sets at Envision are extremely varied. That diversity doesn’t end with our technical capabilities, however. Outside of the office, Envision’s skill sets are just as varied.

To demonstrate our diversity, we thought it would be fun to poll the team at Envision to see their strengths in 5 specific categories – musical, athletic, creative or artistic, culinary, and “weird”.


If Envision decided to start a band, we could come up with a pretty eclectic lineup for sure! We have 3 guitarists, 2 bassists, 2 pianists, and 2 flutists – plus others that play clarinet, tenor sax, tuba, violin, and a Broadway/opera singer.

Coming soon to a theatre near you - ENVISION: The Rock Opera (not really).

We also have a few team members who were apparently quite accomplished at the video game Rock Band with their Star Trek themed act, “Riker and the Away Team”, which was once ranked in the Top 5 worldwide.

Riker and the Away Team Rock Band
Riker and the Away Team from the game, Rock Band


IT professionals are not always known as the most physically fit group of individuals, but we have some very athletic people at Envision. Multiple team members have competed in endurance/obstacle events including Tough Mudder, Spartan Race, and the zombie-themed Run For Your Lives race.

Other Envision employees coach local teams or have competed in road races, half marathons, and triathlons. We even have one team member registered for their first half Iron Man race later this year.

Other Envision athletic endeavors include sailing, scuba diving, target shooting, skiing (water, snow, and cross country), swimming (including one member of Envision who has swam across the Maui channel, among other long distance swims), and a former professional baseball player who was once a member of the Red Sox organization.

Envision Tough Mudders
A couple of Envision Tough Mudders

Creative or Artistic

It should come as no surprise that there is quite a bit of creativity at Envision, but that creativity is not confined to our design group alone! In addition to the design skills we bring to bear for our clients, you can also find Envision staff building furniture, perfecting their photography skills, container gardening, folding origami, writing fiction, knitting, or mounting taxidermy insects - among other creative endeavours.

Custom built fish tank
Work-in-progress shot of a custom built fish tank

We also have one team member very involved in the LARP community where he is part of an international organization consisting of thousands of players. If you are unfamiliar with LARP (live action role playing), we are told it is like “dinner theatre on steroids.” Speaking of dinner…


If you’ve read the other Envision Culture posts, you know we like to eat – and we have a number of chefs and bakers among our staff (both professionals and amateurs), including one who specializes in cakes for weddings and special events.

We also have a few wine connoisseurs among us, a budding competitive BBQer, and a team member who makes “a better shish-kabob that anyone I know!”

Wedding cake
Wedding cake designed by a member of Envision


For our final entries, we figured we’d have a “catch-all” type of category where skills that didn’t fit anywhere else could go. Rather than comment on these as a whole, we’ll just list some of the responses we got:

  • Unicycle riding
  • Juggling (multiple entries for this one)
  • Voice impersonations (including a CRAZY good impersonation of Gollum from Lord of the Rings!)
  • Grease monkeying
  • Bead-spriting
  • Water balloon slingshot competency
  • Fishkeeping – including the building of a coral reef in his living room

We’ve Got You Covered

Do you need critical business functions moved to the cloud, a virtual desktop deployment planned, or a new website designed? If so, we’ve got you covered – we may even be able to bake you a cake, compose a song for you, or juggle while riding a unicycle to your office.

That’s diversity in skillsets. That’s Envision.